I don’t remember exactly for how long I have been using Zalora as my fashion stylist where my clothes are concerned. But this is way too long and it makes me proud of being attached with the store as their loyal customer. Zalora voucher codes at Super Saver Mama are the main reason for making me more towards the store which gives me a chance to save on my spending.

Recently my boss announced about the annual dinner and everyone was to be part of it. I usually avoided such huge gatherings as I was very low profile person where mingling up with people was concerned except for when work was required. This gathering made me feel a little uneasy. I wanted make an excuse but my boss personally approached me and asked me to be part of it as he had few surprises stored for that too. Brands like Zalora, Lazada and Sephora are very popular these days in Asia for buying clothes online.

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Now there was no chance for me to carve any excuse and the only thing possible was to plan about how to dress for the event….

On that very day when I went home I started looking out for the dresses which I can wear in my closet but everything it had was worn by me so this time there was a need to buy something new. Without giving it a thought I just logged on to Zalora and started finding the right stuff for me and most of all within my budget.

I had so many choices and out of those choices I chose a blue dresses which looked so elegant that I didn’t take long to add it to the cart. To go with the dress I selected the jewelry and shoes on quite reasonable prices. I was so glad that within half an hour or less I was done with shopping the beautiful dress and it will reach me in 2-3 days.

I saw my colleagues panicking about what they will wear and how much they were spending at the store along with the high spending. I heard these clatters every day and 100 times a day and I was with the thinking that how anyone can spend so much time shopping.

After two days I received my parcel and when I tried on the dress, it was as usual a perfect fit and looked amazing on me. I was glad that Zalora coupons helped me whenever I wanted them to assist me. The quality of the articles I ordered every time were beyond my expectation.

I can never forget that annual dinner night when I entered the lounge of the hotel. Every eye turned to look at me and appreciate my looks as it was all visible. I also recall that night as wondrous one as well because the surprise which my boss was talking about was really a pleasant surprise as I got a promotion from marketing associate to marketing executive and this made my day.

I would hand this achievement to Zalora as the store played a very important role in making my get the most desired position.